Since 1998, ICZM-Consult has successfully assisted in numerous management and training projects for national and international financing agencies. We provide specialised sector support to development projects and partner consultancies, worldwide. Our reputation for on-the-spot excellence and efficiency is built on more than fifteen years of technical assistance in developing and transition economies






ICZM-Consult provides the complete range of individual consultancy services including International and Regional Programming, Feasibility Studies, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Planning and Management, as well as specific Scientific and Technical Project Assistance, covering the entire life span of a programme or project.






Your Need


Fishery and in particular Integrated Coastal Zone Management Projects and Programmes are more complex than most other technical assistance projects. They demand coverage of an extensive range of very specific technical, scientific and stakeholder expertise, often coupled with a low frequency of actual individual application. Understandably, most of our clients find it uneconomic to set aside respective human resources within their own structures.






Our Services


ICZM-Consult provides you with economic, up-to-date sophisticated solutions to your specific needs for short-term or long-term assistance in ICZM and Fishery. Our particular strength is our flexibility to react to your needs for experienced personnel in the shortest time possible, whether it is for an entire project or just for a few days and limited to a particular project intervention.



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